Zamza is a recurring boss from Streets of Rage 2.


Zamza appears as a masked ninja-ish claw fighter. He has a lot of arsenal up in his sleeve and is very nimble to either evade attacks or suplex the player. However, some of his attacks can be countered by some of your arsenal. For example, if the player keeps a distance, he will attempt to either slide or do a forward flip, in which the player can counter with a Forward Forward B move (i.e. Axel's Grand Upper) and knock him out.

He appears in:

  • Level 3 (Zamza) - Main Boss. If you move too forward before his screen occurs, you could get caught fighting him and 2 other enemies at the same time.
  • Level 6 (Souther) - Main Boss. He will be fighting alongside with 1-3 Jets, depending on the difficulty: Stealth, Blitz, and Kite. The player just need to beat Souther to complete the level as the other Jets will fall.
  • Level 8 (Nail). He is part of the Boss Gauntlet in the last stage. The player will fight him and many enemies in a cramped elevator, making this fight very difficult. Beating him rewards a chunk of health restored.


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