Map of Wood Oak

Wood Oak City is the main setting of the Streets of Rage series.


Streets of RageEdit

The Syndicate successfully took over the city with the entirety of its police being in their payroll. With Axel, Blaze, and Adam having decided to turn in their badges to take to the fight to the streets itself (with only one officer assisting them in their goal) in order to restore peace and order once and for all visiting every district controlled by the Syndicate and took down their lieutenants one by one.

After fighting their way through waves of syndicate goons in each district, and the apprehension of Mr. X himself, they have succeeded in liberating the city from the Syndicate's grip and peace has somehow restored back to normal.

Streets of Rage 2Edit

While most of the city was free of the Syndicate, unfortunately, not all of them are wiped out as most of them still kept holdouts around the vicinity, and to make things worse, Sammy informs the duo that Adam was kidnapped while at his home (and the police mentioning his suspicious abscence).

This forces Axel and Blaze (who became a bodyguard and dance instructor respectively) to jump in and save Adam and once again take out remnants of the Syndicate. This time now accompanied by Max (a friend of the Police Trio), and Skate (Adam's younger brother).

And through them they have managed to save Adam and take out any syndicate owned territories and end Mr. X's reign once again (which is implied to have killed him as payback for Adam's kidnapping) allowing the city to live in peace, free of the Syndicate's presence.

Streets of Rage 3Edit

Prior to the game's events, a suburbs within Wood Oak City was destroyed by a thermonuclear device known as Rakushin which had inflicted 110,000 casualties (30,000 dead and 80,000 wounded) on the residents living there. In an attempt to avert future disaster, the Police sent Adam to find any remaining bombs and contacts Axel, Blaze, and Skate to assist in disarming the remaining Rakushin bombs.

The team is then aided by Zan, a scientist who defected from the Syndicate, who gives them information regarding the second bomb, and afterwards aids in defusing said bombs and stop the syndicate from manufacturing more of them.

Should the gang successfully save the General, Adam will pinpoint the syndicate factory where the controls for the bombs are located, and if they defeat Robot Y before the timer runs out, all of the bombs will be defused and Adam himself will rescue them from a collapsing factory saving the city from being destroyed. Otherwise, the bombs will be armed, forcing the remaining heroes to disarm as many bombs as they can before it can detonate, and although most of the city is leveled, the civilian populace was successfully evacuated therefore ensuring that the rising death toll would be stopped.

Should the gang fail to save the General, Adam will be unable to find the factory, and will instead be tasked in disarming the bombs in their stead (while at the same time find the factory).

Streets of Rage 4Edit

Thanks to Zan's reconstruction efforts, most of the suburbs that were destroyed by a bomb were rebuilt, but unfortunately, one area (which was spared from Wood Oak's initial bombing) became a hell hole and turned into a haven for gang violence and activity with most of its residents being gangs and criminals.

Despite Mr. X's death, the Syndicate was not diminished as it is now run by the Y Twins (Mr. Y and Ms. Y) and they have set up headquarters in the Y Tower where they continue their father's legacy of running their criminal operations.

Unlike before though, the local Law Enforcement now has mobilized itself in order to find and fight the Syndicate members (including the vigilante heroes) around the city, but unfortunately, due to the Commissioner's corruption, they only targeted small time criminals preventing them from truly stopping big time syndicate members from operating, thus ensuring the continued criminal activities.


Streets of RageEdit

Streets of Rage 2Edit

Streets of Rage 3Edit

Streets of Rage 4Edit


  • Despite Wood Oak City being set in America, the ending in BK3/SOR3 features Adam driving his car with a steering wheel on the right side instead of on the left side.
  • The streets level in SOR4 is implied to be the same city from SOR1 and SOR2.
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