Victoria is an enemy introduced in Streets of Rage 4.


Victoria is a female punk who wears a large spiked leather jacket and sunglasses. She never attacks the player directly, instead throwing beakers at the player from a distance, with each of her palette swaps throwing beakers with different effects (fire, acid and electricity, or throwing grenades). She can also push the player if they are too close, though this only cause minor damage.


Trivia Edit

  • These enemies along with their Anne and Elizabeth extensions are named after English Royalties.
  • They are originally supposed to be female Japanese delinquents before they are redesigned due to the game's setting, they do however retain their shades.
    • Originally they are supposed to be the second enemies to wield a firearm (an assault rifle in this case) before this was changed to them simply using Beakers (or Grenades for Margaret).
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