The Unnamed Police Officer is one of the last good cops on the police force, and has the unique distinction of being the only non-playable hero character aiding Adam Hunter, Axel Stone, and Blaze Fielding. Rather than directly being involved with the events of the first game, the Officer takes the role of the special attack, called into battle once per life and using either a Rocket Launcher (for Player 1) or a Gatling Gun (Player 2) to clear out any enemy on screen.


Streets of RageEdit

The Officer's first and only appearance throughout the series (barring the mobile remake). Deemed a special attack, the Officer is called in and lays waste to any enemies on screen. His only other appearance lies in the game's good ending, where he greets Axel, Blaze, and Adam outside the enemy headquarters. He later drops them off on the bridge so they can wait for the sunset. His service become unavailable in the final stage due to the stage is an enclosed room in high rise building (in which presumably also protected by the "connection" in the police force).

Streets of Rage 2Edit

Axel and Blaze tried to contract their old friends at the force, the ones who'd once provided backup with heavy artillery. However, everyone they knew had been either fired or transferred elsewhere. (from SOR2 manual).

Game AppearancesEdit

Streets of Rage (comics)Edit

Here, the officer is portrayed as an almost entirely different character, named Murphy. Due to Adam not being featured in the comic series, Murphy is given the role as guardian to Sammy Hunter.




  • The officer's police car is a direct reference to the police car shown at the end of Sega's E-SWAT.
    • Streets of Rage was originally going to be an E-SWAT spinoff before it became its own series.
  • Murphy, a riot officer from 4, bears a resemblance to this officer.
  • Estel's special attack has her call in a riot officer wielding a rocket launcher and driving the same car as him.
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