"You're on your own here. Just be aware that Mr.X has been expecting you and he has some surprises in store..."

Syndicate Stronghold is the eighth and last stage of Streets of Rage 2. It is very similar to it's predecessor; Syndicate Headquarters, in the fact that it's mostly a massive boss fight. With all the bosses in the game, (Excluding Vehelits and Jet) albeit a minor palette swap and a change in difficulty. There are certain enemies which only appear if you play hard mode or above, such as Particle and Falcon. The stage is split into two sections:


The area where the level begins. There should be a few enemies accompanied by Bear Jr. and maybe Mercury depending on what difficulty you're playing on.


Pretty much where the rest of the level takes place. Very similar in comparison to the Freight Elevator. Basically, you beat a few enemies and move on. You will face a few bosses, such as Vulture, Nail and Z. Kusano. Eventually, you will reach the top where the main boss fights begin.

Mr. X will call out a wave of Galsia and Donovan to attack you. After you are finished with them, he will send Shiva to battle you. Soon after Shiva's defeat, he will get off his throne to fight you himself. He is accompanied by a few baddies, but they're not in endless supply. Once he is defeated, you have beaten the game.

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