Sugar is an enemy introduced in Streets of Rage 4. They have effectively replaced the Riders as the biker-themed enemies.

Information Edit

These large women are strong enemies first found in Stage 5. They wear thick helmets that they use to headbutt their enemies and can also kick the player up close.

Their stronger variants (Caramel and Honey) can headbutt their enemies from a farther range and can execute a piledriver grab. Another stronger variant (Candy) only appears in Stage 12 before entering the gate of the Y syndicate head quarters.


Trivia Edit

  • The bar stage reveals that they are members of the Red Demons Motorcycle Club.
  • They replace the Fogs as biker themed enemies, even wearing the same leopard pants as them, though the difference is that Honeys wear feathered Letterman Jackets.
  • Unlike their male counterparts, they are never fought on motorcycles and always fight on foot (the Motorcycle stage was planned to be included before it was nixed due to the amount of work needed to implement one).
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