Streets Of Rage Wiki

Streets of Rage is an LCD mini game developed by Tiger Electronics in 1993.


When the game first starts, the player can select from three different characters: Axel, Blaze and Adam. The player has eight health bars and one help. The objective is to kill all the enemies and not die. As the player progresses so does the difficulty of the game. Once the player completes the game, a short victory sound will play, and the device is turned off.


The hand-held device has the following game inputs:

Left: Turns the player to the left of the screen.

Right: Turns the player to the right of the screen.

Jump: Jumps in the air to hit flying enemies.

Dodge: Evades incoming thrown objects.

Attack: Punches the enemy the player is facing.

Kick: Kicks the enemy the player is facing.

Help: Calls the police car for help and kills all enemies. (Can only be used once per run.)

Throw: Throws the enemy the player is facing.

For the device and settings buttons:

Off: Turns the device off.

Sound: Toggles sound on or off.

Select: Can be used before the game starts to select your character.

On/Start: Turns the game on/Starts the game with the selected character.

Reset: Restarts the device.


The device was released in two different forms: Electronic and Pocket Arcade. The former was white with red buttons while the latter was black with purple buttons and featured a cover for the screen that could be flipped open. The gameplay, however, was the same.