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Streets of Rage 4 was a 3D game in development before its cancellation.

Gameplay Edit

Prior its cancellation, Streets of Rage 4 was apparently Die Hard Arcade, a 3D Streets of Rage style game released in the arcades on Sega's S-TV system in 1996-7 and later converted to the Saturn. This was rumoured to have been at one stage Streets of Rage 4 before Sega decided against an arcade sequel. This could have a been a good Streets of Rage 4, as it mixed the standard action with elements of Sega's Virtua Fighter, giving the fighters lots of moves and combos. The demo showed a character similar to Axel fighting off a group of enemy characters. Various changes in gameplay had apparently been planned, including the introduction of new team attacks and a new first person perspective.

Development history Edit

Streets Of Rage 3 was clearly intended to be the final Genesis/Megadrive Streets of Rage game. The graphics & gameplay could not be pushed any further under the 16-bit hardware, and so the next logical step was to create any new Streets of Rage game on the Next Generation consoles that were released in late 1994. They chose to revive the franchise on its 32-Bit system, the Sega Saturn. Sega clearly intended to update the series to the 32-bit console; both Shinobi & Golden Axe, Sega's other classic franchises, received Saturn updates (both were, sadly, crap). But instead of trying to develop the sequel in-house Sega tried to purchase the half-completed Judgement Force from Core Design (of Tomb Raider fame) and turn it into a game called Streets of Rage 3D.

Streets of Rage 3D featured all-new playable characters Hawk, Mace, Hammer and Vulcan.None of the original cast were present (Axel, Blaze et al), but it appears these new characters were still based on the original designs. This game was intended as the 3D continuation of the Mega Drive's SOR franchise, but Sega pulled out of the deal and it ended up being dropped at the last minute. The game was later released as Fighting Force for PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and PC.

A few years later, after the release of the 128-Bit Dreamcast, Ancient (now known as Overworks) & Sega once again began early concept work on Streets of Rage 4. A rough playable section was produced, which showed the game had evolved into true 3D and incorporated a first-person fighting mode.

However, executives from Sega of America, unaware of the series' history and fanbase, shot the idea down on the basis of its genre alone. The side-scrolling beat'em up had rapidly gone out of fashion in the mid-1990s, and attempts to bring the genre into 3D (such as Fighting Force) had been unsuccessful. This meant that Sega were unwilling to commit to a game that in their eyes had little chance of making a good financial return (despite the fact that a Streets of Rage sequel would pretty much sell itself). Sega decided that this game was a bad idea. The development was cancelled, and Streets of Rage 4 entered a long limbo period, becoming nothing more than a dream for the millions of fans who wanted to see the franchise continued.

Playable Characters(demo) Edit

Demo onlyEdit

Enemies (demo) Edit


  • Misery (Bob?)
  • Miller
  • Baloy
  • Blondie
  • Pinky
  • Lazy


  • Punk
  • Guardian (Robot Enemy)
  • Unnamed female enemy (Possibly the one from Fighting Force's Zengs Office Level)

Levels (demo) Edit

  • Town level (Removed/Replaced by unknown)
  • CarPark Level
  • Reception Level
  • Lift Level
  • Corridor Level
  • Office Level
  • Street Level
  • Unknown Level (unplayable)

Trivia Edit

  • Hawk's fighting style was similar to Axel from demo and he also used Axel's beta name, Hawk, from Bare Knuckle/Streets of Rage magazine.
  • The Lift level similar to BK/SOR's and BK3/SOR3's Elevator levels that could throw punks off from elevator to their deaths.
  • In final of Fighting Force's stage 13, the boss named "Jetpac" was similar to Jet from Bare Knuckle 2/Streets Of Rage 2 and Bare Knuckle 3/Streets Of Rage 3.

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