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Souther is the second boss of Streets of Rage. Two of them return as the boss(es) of stage 6, and then again as a palette swap in the final level.


Streets of Rage[]

In the original Streets of Rage, Souther shows up as the game's second boss. He fights with clawed gloves à la Freddy Krueger (although with three blades on the back, more resembling Wolverine's claws), and has an invincible anti-air attack, making jumping assaults risky against him.

Streets of Rage 2[]

Though Souther himself doesn't appear in the game, a palette swap of Zamza with his name functions as the co-boss of stage 6, accompanied by Stealth.




  • Like many other characters in the series, his name is likely a reference to a Fist of the North Star character, in this case, Souther.
  • In Bare Knuckle Mobile, his double appearance as the boss of stage 5 (in the original version, stage 6) is replaced by Hara-Kiri, a new boss character exclusive for this version.