Soozie is a female enemy in Streets of Rage 3.

Vital statistics
Title Enemy
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Syndicate
Health Medium
Level 1-8
Location everywhere
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Information Edit

An enemy woman that is known for her slapping attacks. She is quite annoying and can last for more than a minute if the player doesn't execute a move that can knock her away.

She makes her debut in Streets of Rage 3 in the second part of the first stage. She is found in a club and first attacks with the Signals, Galsias, and Donovans.

Attacks Edit

She has a jump as an attempt to evade attacks. Her long distance attack is a high jump with double leg kick. In shorter ranges she will attempt to slap the player. Beware, of her combo slaps. In random moments, you will also see her quickly mimic some dance moves.

  • Evasive Jump
  • Double Leg Kick (long distance)
  • Slap
  • Combo Slap (more than once)

 Trivia Edit

  • In the American version [Streets of Rage 3], her clothing has been modified because of censors. However, the Japanese version [Bare Knuckle 3] has modified her clothing to be more skimpier.
  • Being rival in love in the official comics, Soozie's loathing of Blaze Fielding runs deep.