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Slum (known as, Goldie in the American port) is an enemy from Streets of Rage 3.


Slums appear as blonde thugs with red shirts. They are very basic enemies. Most of their attacks are punch attacks. The first jabs to the face can be a bit overwhelming, but he takes a moment to deliver the right cross. He can deliver the right cross by itself to knock hero down. Often times, this is done when hero’s back is turned.

Beware when running toward him as he will perform a sidekick stopping your character in their tracks. They’re also able to block which makes them more formidable against regular attacks.

With all this, they aren’t the easiest opponents to take down because they block, recover quickly from basic attacks, and throw fast overwhelming jabs. Grappling moves are a good way to defeat them, as well as back attacks where they least expect it and making it difficult for them to block in time.

Slum is possibly a gambler as hinted by his egotistical style and name of his final palette swap, Casino.