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The Signals are recurring foes in the Streets of Rage series, who has appeared in all the games. He is a hoodlum hired by the Syndicate.

Alongside Galsia, Signal appears in every single game of the series, often being the second enemy to show up on Stage 1 of the games.


Signal sports a mohawk and wears a large jacket. He is only ever seen with his back turned to the screen. He has the ability to throw and perform slide attacks.

Streets of Rage[]

In spite of his slim physique, The Signal is proficient in techniques such as throwing. He also uses a clever sliding kick. Another regular punk, this time with a sliding attack. This guy is very similar to the Signal punks from Streets of Rage 2 & 3.


Name First Appearance Last Appearance
Yellow Signal Round 1 Round 8
Purple Signal Round 4 Round 8
Green Signal Round 4 Round 8

Streets of Rage 2[]

The Signal gang are another fairly common punk. Their names are based on their color schemes, being Y. Signal (Yellow Signal), R. Signal (Red Signal) and so on. They are not too hard to defeat as they are quite slow to move in and attack. However, they can do a sliding attack and are able to throw the player (the damage can be avoided if holding Up + Jump as soon landing). They also have a backhand attack which knocks players down. Only dangerous in groups or when accompanied by other enemies.


Name First Appearance Last Appearance
Yellow Signal Round 1 Round 7
Red Signal Round 1 Round 3
Green Signal Round 3 Round 3
Purple Signal Round 3 Round 3
Blue Signal Round 4 Round 6
Light Green Signal Round 7 Round 7

Streets of Rage 3[]

While they retain the name Signal in Bare Knuckle III, in Streets of Rage 3 they have names such as Scarab and Ice. Their sliding attack now has super-armor, meaning it can't be interrupted. They also retain their backhand attack from the second title. In addition, they attack with a two jabs combo attack.


Name First Appearance Last Appearance
Yellow Signal Round 1 Round 7
Green-Hair Yellow Signal Round 1 Round 7
Green Signal Round 1 Round 5
Blue Signal Round 3 Round 6
Brown Signal Round 4 Round 5
Orange-Hair Green Signal Round 5 Round 5

Streets of Rage 4[]

Signal retains his move set from the second entry. His grab attack is a bit more telegraphed now that enemies flash red when they're attempting to grab players; however, he'll move at significant faster speed when trying to grab the player. His sliding kick is also telegraphed as he'll have a voice cue before using it, allowing the player to react more promptly.


Signal has four variants, each having increased health and using the exact same moveset: Y. Signal, G. Signal, R. Signal and D. Signal.

Move List[]

Game Moves
Streets of Rage 1 Sliding, throwing
Streets of Rage 2 Sliding, throwing, knock-down punch
Streets of Rage 3 Sliding, throwing, punching
Streets of Rage 4 Sliding, throwing, knock-down punch