Ship is the fifth stage from Streets of Rage 2.


This level has more enemies than any of the four levels you have previously faced. There are 3 sections of this level.

The lower layer contains Galsias, Donovans, and the recently added Big Bens from the previous stage..

The middle adds new enemies to the fray: Eagle. At the end of this section, Wayne (Stage 1 Boss Barbon clone) appears.

On the upper deck, you will face Mach (Stage 2 Boss Jet clone); 2 or more of the clones in harder difficulties. The Bikers and Mifunes also return afterwards, throwing grenades at you. Once you hear the boss music, the timer will reset to 99, but you will face a path of enemies before reaching the boss. In harder difficulties, more enemies get in the way before reaching the boss.

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