Vital statistics
Title mini boss
Gender Male
Race Kangaroo (animal)
Faction Circus
Health Medium
Level 2
Status Deceased (if he was killed first)
Alive (If player kill's Bruce)
Location City Streets
Nationality Australian
Roo (known as Victy in the Japanese version) is a boxing-practicing kangaroo miniboss in Streets of Rage 3's Stage 2.

Streets of Rage 3 Edit

Roo appeared in Streets of Rage 3 with the cruel clown trainer, Bruce (Danch in the Japanese version). After the players defeat Bruce without defeating Roo, he becomes playable when a continue is used. Roo cannot throw or pick up items but has powerful jump and punch stats.

Trivia Edit

  • He is only one of secret characters that his moveset is very complete and he had his own portrait in game.
  • The "player" Roo is weaker than the "enemy" Roo.
  • He uses a lot of the same voice samples as Skate.
  • SOR3 Roo jumps higher than BKIII Roo.
  • In Bare Knuckles III Beta, his early name in magazine is Kan.
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