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Roo, known as Victy in the Japanese version, is a mini-boss and playable character from Streets of Rage 3, who is fought alongside Bruce. He is also a playable character in Streets of Rage 4.


Victy is a trained kangaroo wearing red boxing gloves, blue training shorts, and a leash with a broken chain. During the fight, Bruce will mostly stay out of range while Victy attacks the player with jump kicks or a spinning kick attack. Whenever Victy is knocked down Bruce will get close to him and whip him to force him to continue the fight.

If the player defeats Bruce without killing Victy, the animal becomes playable when a continue is used. Victy cannot throw or pick up items but has powerful jump and punch stats.

In the fourth game, he is found working at Barbon's bar.



  • He is the only secret character in the game with a complete moveset and his own portrait.
  • He uses a lot of the same voice samples as Skate.
  • In the Bare Knuckle III Beta, his early name in a magazine is Kan.
  • Initially, 'Victy isnt playable in Streets of Rage 4. Victy along with Ash were the only two playable characters not to return in Streets of Rage 4. In the update coinciding with the release of Mr. X Nightmare, he was added as a hidden unlockable character. From the start, however, his Streets of Rage 4 counterpart only appear as a cameo NPC in Stage 5 where he is shown cleaning up a glass behind the counter in the bar.
  • Another reference to Victy can be seen in Stage 8, where in the final part of the museum, an abstract painting of Victy is seen.
  • Victy's portrait is the oldest surviving portrait picture in the game, with it being spotted in the earliest publicly known screenshots, and remaining unchanged upon release.
  • Despite SOR3 Victy being added to SOR4 via DLC, his debut counterpart's portrait uses his SOR4 appearance instead. This is due to him not appearing on the cover art of Bare Knuckle 3, only on the cover of Streets of Rage 3. Shiva's portrait uses official line art from SOR3 development, but Victy doesn't have any available.