Robo X
Vital statistics
Title Boss
Gender male
Race Android
Faction Syndicate
Health more
Level 5
Status deceased
Location syndicate base
Nationality Unknown

Robo-X (or just Robot X) is the fifth boss of Streets of Rage 3. He is fought in Mr. X's Office. After beating some of Mr. X's minions, Mr. X will be set on fire and reveal his true identity to the player. In this form, he is more agile and doesn't use his machine gun anymore. When grabbing him, the player must be quick to throw him, because after a few seconds he'll electrify himself and do some damage to the player. After attacking the player, he'll laugh, however his laugh gives the player a chance to attack him. After his defeat, in Easy mode in the English version of this game, he'll tell the player to play Normal or Hard mode. If the player does defeat him in Normal or Hard mode, the player will have access to Stage 6 where they can attempt to save the Chief of Police.