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Rider is an enemy which appears in Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3.


Riders appear as helmeted punks driving motorcycles, which they use to zip around the screen while trying to trample the player. Some of those will need to be knocked down from their motorcycles before being able to proceed. Others will be fought like regular enemies, these will fight barefisted or carrying lead pipes.




  • The Riders are named (with the exception of the bonus and Streets of Rage 3 versions) after natural phenomena like hail, storm, fog, etc.
  • Storm bears a striking resemblance to Jagi, one of the four Hokuto Brothers who later became Kenshiro's enemy in the manga (and later anime) Fist of the North Star.
  • Rider was originally considered as returning enemy in Streets of Rage 4, before being replaced by his female counterpart. Concept art of his HD sprite was made but ultimately scrapped.
  • Even though in Streets of Rage 2 they can occasionally jump off their bikes to fight on foot, the Riders in Streets of Rage 3 never do this, as a result, they are always fought while riding their bikes.