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P-Robot (known as Mark2 in the american port) is an enemy from Streets of Rage 3.


P-Robots appear as tall, bipedal robots with a oval-shaped body. Much like the Particle robots from the previous game they move by hopping around. Their attacks include a long range laser and a dash attack. Some of them will self-destruct when low on health.

They are defenseless when grabbed from the front, but will attack with a thruster if grabbed from behind.


  • Going by their mass produced status, they are likely to be the cheaper variants of Particle and Molecule, as the latter two are too expensive to produce.
  • A drawing of it appears in one of the stained glass windows on the last stage from Streets of Rage 4.
  • Their appearance, mostly their "console"-shaped heads, give them a resemblance to ED-209 robot from the RoboCop movie series.