Pōufù Zhě


The Syndicate

Fighting style


First Appearance

Bare Knuckle Mobile

Pōufù Zhě (剖腹者), better known as Harakiri (from the rough Japanese equivalent of his name), is a boss exclusive to Bare Knuckle Mobile. His name means "disemboweling cut", which could be used to referred to harakiri (belly cut), but is more often used to discuss a laparotomy (surgical cut in the belly) or caesarean section. Based on the character's appearance, the former may be the intended meaning, however.


Pōufù Zhě is a large, blonde, bearded man in camouflage pants and a pot-bellied approximation of samurai armor. He carries in one hand a katana, which he uses to fight with, and an oversized shuriken in the other.