Noriyoshi Ohba (大場 規勝 Ōba Noriyoshi, born February 20, 1963) is a Japanese video game designer, director and producer best known for his association with Sega, having joined the company in 1987 and helmed the CS2/AM7 division of the company in the 1990s. In his earliest years he worked as a planner for Master System titles such as Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Poseidon Wars 3D, and American Pro Football. He then directed the Super Shinobi series, Streets of Rage series, and the two Clockwork Knight games. In the Sega Saturn era, he mostly focused on Japanese-aimed titles where he produced the Sakura Taisen series, Let's Make!! series and Advanced World War: Last of the Millennium. In 2000, he headed Overworks where he worked with another producer and with six game directors. In 2003, his Overworks studio was merged with WOW Entertainment. He left Sega the following year. He later became executive of Premium Agency, a CGI company which provides development support for various games and was founded by former Sega employees. At Sega, he was succeeded by Akira Nishino.

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