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Nora is an enemy from Streets of Rage. She returns as the third boss in Streets of Rage 4, and later as a recurring enemy.


Nora is a woman clad in a dominatrix suit who fights with a whip. She works for questionable members-only clubs, where everyone calls her "Queen". Encountered fairly regularly, she can knock the player down with her whip. If the player knocks her down, she won't get up until the player moves away or after quite a bit of time. Be prepared for a whip attack once she does get up.

Streets of Rage 2[]

Though Nora herself doesn't appear in the game, a version of Electra with her name functions as an enemy of Stage 3, accompanied by L.Lisa.

Streets of Rage 4[]

She returns as the boss of Stage 3. She is constantly aided by Galsias, whom she can whip to power them up, granting them more health and super armor, switching their names to "Galsiaaaaa" and changing their hair to shining yellow as a result. After her defeat, she goes into a breakdown to crash the ship into the pier.

In Stage 11, three palette swaps of her simultaneously appear before facing Mr. Y: two of them with lower health (Belle and Queen) and one of them (Stiletto) acts as a mini-boss. During this fight, no Galsias will appear, meaning the player won't fight any powered-up Galsias like in Stage 3. Stiletto has additional super-armor properties when attempting to use the whip.




  • Nora's resting on the floor action is used again by Electra in Streets of Rage 3.
  • Belle, a yellow colored Nora in who appears in the Airplane stage is a reference to Electra due to her electrified whip. Internally she is even referred to as Electra.
  • In Streets of Rage 4, during Stage 1, before fighting Koobo, the player will come across a sex shop which has Nora's gear showcased at the entrance.