Munitions Plant is the seventh stage from Streets of Rage 2.


There are 2 parts of this level: The factory and the elevator.

The factory contains moveable floors and traps. Enemies you have previously fought before are here. Be careful of enemies descending from the top.

The elevator is similar to that of the Freight Elevator from the previous game where you are only in 1 cramped spot while the elevator keeps going up when all enemies are cleared. The difference is that there are no pits, meaning you have to deplete enemies health instead of throwing them off but at the same time you cannot fall off. At this point, be careful not to take too much damage as you are given 1 full-health turkey (2 of them in 2-player mode). Early-on, you will fight a Jet clone again (2 or more in harder difficulties), combined with multiple enemies. Near the end of the gauntlet, you will fight a sub-boss Jack clone Soya. Once you reach the end, you will face off against 1-4 robots as bosses named Particle and/or Molecule.

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