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Mr. X is the main antagonist and final boss of the Streets of Rage video game series, the titular main antagonist of Mr. X/Sega Genesis Trilogy Saga. In all games, he is depicted as an enigmatic crimelord. His criminal organization plans to bring order of crime to the city. His true identity is unknown.


He is an older Caucasian man with fair skin and long black hair. He wears an olive-green two-piece suit over a white dress shirt and a red tie. In the first game, he was armed with what appeared to be a generic machine gun, which he replaced with a Tommy Gun in the second game.


He is a very enigmatic crime lord, and little is known about his personality. It seems that he does respect the strength of others, as he compliments the heroes when they make it to his hideout and offers them a chance to join his syndicate. He is also very vindictive, as shown in the second game, where he seek to avenge his first defeat by kidnapping Adam Hunter.

Streets of Rage[]

In the first game, Mr. X's Syndicate Crime Organization has taken over the city and the police force. Though he enlisted powerful crooks such as Antonio, Souther, Abadede, Bongo and Mona and Lisa, he ultimately could not stop Blaze FieldingAxel Stone and Adam Hunter 's efforts to defeat his organization and foil his plans.

After the three defeated all of Mr. X's henchmen, they went to his lair and defeated him in a final showdown. Before the showdown, he asked the three if they wanted to join him, but they refused, knowing what was right. The good ending shows Mr. X knocked out by Blaze, Axel and Adam and then shows the trio enjoying the peaceful city they have created by defeating Mr. X.

There is also a bad ending. In order to see the bad ending, you have to make it to the end of the final round with two players. When he asks you if you want to join him, one player must answer 'yes', and the other must answer 'no'. The one that said 'yes' must then defeat the one that said 'no'. After this, the surviving player must change their mind, refuse Mr. X's final offer, and defeat him alone. The bad ending shows the player becoming the new leader of Mr. X's criminal organization.

Streets of Rage 2[]


After being defeated in the first game, Mr. X plots revenge against the heroes by kidnapping Adam. Fortunately, Blaze and Axel find help by teaming up with Adam's younger brother Eddie "Skate" Hunter and a wrestler named Max Thunder. After making it to Mr. X's lair, the four heroes must fight Mr. X's right-hand man Shiva before taking on Mr. X. Unlike the first and third game, there is only one good ending, where Mr. X is once again defeated and Adam Hunter is freed.

Streets of Rage 3[]

Mr. X returns once more. In the American version he plans to replace official leaders with robots, while in the original Japanese version Mr. X's plan involved an explosive substance known as Rakushin. He carries his plan out with both new and old henchmen, as well as a scientist named Dr. Dahm. Adam sets off to diffuse bombs that have been planted throughout the city while Blaze, Axel, and Skate team up with a cyborg scientist named Dr. Gilbert Zan, who knows a lot about Mr. X's plans and how to foil them.

The team knows things are more serious than they've ever been after they defeat a robotic duplicate of Axel. There are four possible endings.

The worst ending (nicknamed by fans as "Incomplete Ending") occurs if you play the game in Easy Mode. While the Japanese version enables you to play through all seven levels on Easy Mode, the American version of Easy Mode ends at the fifth level after the boss fight against Mr. X's robotic imposter Robo-X. The ending has Robo-X taunt the player and encourage him/her to play through the game on a harder difficulty, claiming that they need to do better than that to defeat Mr. X.

The second bad ending (nicknamed by fans as "Imposter Ending") occurs when you fail to save the general in the sixth stage. This results in playing an alternate stage 7 where Shiva is the final boss. After defeating Shiva, Zan vows that he will find and destory Mr. X. The regular stage 7 has Dr. Dahm appear in a sub-boss fight before finally confronting the real Mr. X. Having barely survived his first two defeats, Mr. X is now transformed into a brain in a jar that fights by controlling a robot named Robot Y, known as Neo X in the Japanese version.

The third bad ending (nicknamed by fans as "Tragic Ending") plays if you save the general in stage 6, but run out of time when you defeat Robot Y. The ending has Robot Y destroy the jar containing Mr. X's brain. Before dying, Mr. X detonates the bombs planted all over the city. Adam manages to save the heroes, but their reputation has now been severely damaged, as the bombs they failed to diffuse have destroyed buildings and killed many innocent civilians.

In order to get the good ending, you have to both save the general in stage 6 and defeat Robot Y in time. Doing so reveals the one good ending. While Mr. X meets his end like in the previously mentioned ending, Adam now succeeds in defusing all of the bombs before rescuing the four heroes. It is then revealed that after Mr. X's headquarters was destroyed, the heroes all went their separate ways, now that Mr. X was no longer around to terrorize anyone.

Streets of Rage 4[]

Due to being killed in Streets of Rage 3, Mr. X doesn't return in the Streets of Rage 4 story, where his position as the main villain is filled by his two children, Mr. Y and Ms. Y.

Despite not appearing in the game a few portraits with his image can be seen in the Y Tower and Y Island stages.

However his boss fight from SOR2 appears as a hidden level.

In the DLC Mr. X Nightmare Dr. Zan, built an AI program from the remnants of Mister X’s brain that simulates every kind of danger they could be facing. In the simulation both the SOR and SOR2 versions of Mr. X can be fought.

SEGA Heroes[]

Mr. X appears as a playable character in SEGA Heroes. He is a Green hero and utilizes a few moves from his own games, such as bullets.

Moves and ability[]

  • Normal attack: Mr. X walks forward and shoots some bullets.
  • MAX Skill - Shooting Frenzy: Mr. X lets loose a barrage of bullets.
  • Star Skill - Stock Smash: Mr. X wallops his target with the back of his gun.
  • Passive - Crime Lord: Mr. X leaves his dirty work to his henchmen.


In the three-part Streets of Rage serial in Sonic The Comic, it is revealed that the original Mr. X was killed after failing to terminate Axel, Blaze, and Max, and that a new Mr. X has taken his place. The serial ended with a cliffhanger ending where the new Mr. X promised to "recoup his losses" by killing the heroes. While he doesn't appear in Project X Zone 2, his soul inhabits Break saying Shadaloo is no more and plans to revive the Syndicate, but is stopped by Axel and his Shinra allies, though not before he warns Axel that the Syndicate would never die, foreshadowing Streets of Rage 4 and his children...