Koobo is an enemy introduced in Streets of Rage 4.


Koobo is a cyborg thug with robotic legs who wears a skull mask. His main ways of attack are by doing high jumps and then slamming the ground or drawing steel pipes from his back and use a telekinetic/magnetic ability to throw nearby objects at the heroes. They make their first appearance in The Streets and appear in other levels througout the game.

A variant named Baabo appears on the final stage and fights in a similar way, drawing spiked maces and doing strong hops instead of the huge jumps used by Koobo.


Trivia Edit

  • At first glance, he can be mistaken for an incomplete android due to his unnatural skin tone, as well as emitting metallic clank sounds when hit and robotic whines when defeated.
  • His fighting style resembles Jack from SOR2 in a way, as they both fight with weapons, and pull out another one if disarmed. The difference between these two is that while Jack fights with knives, Koobo fights with pipes (or maces, in Baabo's case), and unlike Jack, Koobo has no unarmed melee attacks (apart from his air slam). In addition, Koobo is capable of using telekinesis/magnetic control when low on health, and can deflect or catch weapons that are thrown at him.
  • He might be a product of the Y Syndicate, and much like Particle and Molecule, they are small in numbers due to them possibly being expensive to produce.
  • Alongside Goro, Assassin Agents, Big Ben, and Commissioner, Koobo is a heavyweight.
  • Alongside Goro, Koobo is the only enemy with one palette swap, Baabo.
  • On Stage 12 on Hardest difficulty, two Baabos appear inside the castle, however on Mania, only one appears. This may be an oversight.
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