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Jet is a recurring boss in the Streets of Rage series, appearing in both Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3. Variants of him also appear as minor enemies or mini-bosses throughout the games.


Streets of Rage 2[]

Jet appears as the boss of Stage 2. He has a long and spiked blonde hair, wears a white jumpsuit and is equipped with a jetpack on his back. He remains airborne the entire fight, making difficult to combo and pin him down. He is also accompanied by many minor thugs (Galsias and Donovans) during the fight. From longer ranges, he will fly toward the player with a punch, or come down with a dive kick. At close range he will attempt grab the player, and if succeeding, will fly up and then slam his victim to the ground, dealing massive damage. If the player attempts to grab Jet from behind, they'll be blasted away by the flames of his jetpack.

Streets of Rage 3[]

Jet appears again in as the boss of Stage 6, with a new appearance. Now sporting a shaved head, wearing a purple cybernetic suit and using a breathing apparel (implying his encounter with the heroes in the second game left him severely wounded). He fights much in the same way as before, though this time he can now use a mini flamethrower from his suit's chest compartment and can shoot out small bombs from the back. He is now accompanied by Rockets, which respawn up to a maximum of ten.


Fundamentally, Jet is an easy boss to deal with as all his moves are telegraphed, and the player can just move up or down to avoid them. His flying punch can be easily intercept by jumping attacks, while his dive kick can be punished after he finishes the move.

In the third game, the biggest challenge is facing him alongside the Rockets, as they can quickly overwhelm the player and attack in sequence. Ideally, the Rockets should be dispatched as soon as possible while keeping Jet at bay.

Move List[]

  • Flying Punch: Jet will descend at the player's height, and propel himself with a punch that covers most of the screen. Used in both games.
  • Dive Kick: Jet will slowly move high in the air and descend diagonally with a kick. Used in both games.
  • Flamethrower: Jet's chest armor shoots flames at a mid-distance. Often used when he's far from the player. Used only in Streets of Rage 3.
  • Bombs: Jet's back armor drops small bombs. Often used his back is turned away from the player. Used only in Streets of Rage 3.


  • Jet and most of his variants in Streets of Rage 2 are apparently named after types of rockets and missiles.
  • In official artworks, Jet shares physical similarities (notably the long nose, hairstyle, flight goggles and jetpack contraption) with Jet Link, also known "002", from the Cyborg 009 manga and anime series, as both characters are endowed with flight apparatus (though in 002's case, he has both legs converted into jetpack-like turbines, contrasting with Jet's simple propulsion backpack).