Jet is a boss who makes his first appearance at the end of the second stage in Streets of Rage 2, returning again as the boss of Stage 6 in Streets of Rage 3. Variants of him also appear as minor enemies throughout the games.

Details[edit | edit source]

Jet appears as a maniac wearing a jetpack. Accordingly, he remains airborne the entire fight, making him very annoying, since it is difficult to combo him. He is also accompanied by many minor thugs (Galsias and Donovans) during the fight. From longer ranges, he will fly toward the player with a punch or come down with a kick. At close range he will pick the player and fly up then slam the player to the ground, causing massive damage.

Jet appears again in Streets of Rage 3 as a boss with a new appearance, with a shaved head and using a breathing apparel. He fights much in the same way as before, though this time he's accompanied by Rockets which respawn up to a maximum of ten.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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