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Jack (ジャック, Jakku) is an enemy in Streets of Rage 2. This mini boss is a thug who always has at least one more knife hidden in his coat. At close range, his jab and cross are very quick. Midrange, he will attempt to stab the player. In longer ranges beware, he throws knives at players, especially when they are busy fighting someone else. He laughs at players when he feels they are no threat to himself or when he feels the threat is defeated.

Jack can be fought as a retro stage boss in Streets of Rage 4 during Stage 2, by hitting the arcade machine with a taser (or Special Attacks for Shiva and Roo). He also appears as a normal enemy in the Survival Mode.




  • Jack and each of his variations have a bean-themed name. Jack himself (as in "Jack and the Beanstalk"), plus Soya (soybean) and Beano (a brand of sweets).
  • Jack was originally considered as a returning enemy for Streets of Rage 4, alongside Fog, Hakuyo, Slum, Vice and Chiba. Like those, he was ultimately scrapped.