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The general is a non-playable character from Bare Knuckle III. He is also a close friend of Zan from their military service.


Bare Knuckle III[]

At the end of Round 2, a news bulletin mentions that Ivan Petrov has disappeared and that it is believed that Axel Stone kidnapped him. In Round 3, it is revealed that Petrov's kidnapper was actually a robotic lookalike of Axel named Break. In the fifth round, Mr. X's robot double mentions that Petrov is being held hostage in a building set to be filled with toxic gas. When the heroes defeat the robot Mr. X and go on to save Ivan Petrov, they have to make it to the general before time runs out and his health goes out. If the player fails to save Petrov, the last round will take place at the White House, where they defeat Shiva. If they do succeed in saving him, they will go to Dr. Dahm's lab to defeat Mr. X.

Game Appearances[]

Mega Drive / Genesis[]


  • In Streets of Rage 3, he was replaced by the Police Chief in the US/EU version (now rendered non canon since Zan's bio in SoR4 references the JP storyline of SOR3). Rescueing cheif(US/EU):