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Garnet (known as Soozie in the american port) is an enemy in Streets of Rage 3 and Streets of Rage 4.


A female enemy known for her slapping attacks. She is quite annoying and can last for more than a minute if the player doesn't execute a move that can knock her away.

She makes her debut in Streets of Rage 3 in the second part of the first stage. She is found in a club and first attacks with the Signals, Galsias, and Donovans.


She has a jump as an attempt to evade attacks. Her long distance attack starts with a high jump ending in a dropkick. In shorter ranges she will attempt to slap the player. Beware of her combo slaps. In random moments, you will also see her quickly mimic some dance moves.

  • Evasive Jump
  • Double Leg Kick (long distance)
  • Slap
  • Combo Slap (more than once)




  • In the American version, her sprite was modified to be less skimpier and she was given a different stance, all due to censorship.