Garcia, also known as Galsia, is a recurring enemy in the Streets of Rage series.


Galsia is a Hoodlum hired by the Syndicate. Apart from attacking with punches and kicks, Garcia can also assault you with weapons. Standard punk, dangerous only in groups. This is the only game where he could spawn and throw knives, grab the player from behind, and use a 3-punch combo ending with a knockdown.

In SOR2, Galsia is the standard street punk with very little life and no special attacks. The knife-wielding version of this guy can be quite annoying. This counterpart of Garcia has much less moves than he did in the first game. In fact, some of the things Garcia did in the first game can be done by Jack or Storm in this game.

In SOR3, Garcia (Galsia in Bare Knuckle III) in the third installment is like his Street of Rage 2 counterpart, but with more moves (see move list below). He (as well as some other punks) steals food laying on the ground, and he can also be picked up by Bongo/Big Ben and be thrown at the targeted player. In certain stages, he will also try to jump off parts of the level background.


  • Punches (3-punch combo in SoR1)
  • Holding and running with a knife
  • Jumping Elbow Attack (SoR3/BKIII)
  • Team Attack with Bongo (SoR3/BKIII)
  • Grab from behind (SoR1)
  • Spawn and throw knives (SoR1)
  • Pipe/Baseball Bat Swing (SoR1)
  • Grab food laying on the ground (SoR3/BKIII)



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