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Galsia, also known as Garcia, is a recurring enemy in the Streets of Rage series.


Galsia is a hoodlum hired by the Syndicate. Apart from attacking with punches, they are adept with cutting weapons as they can assault players with said weapons. A standard punk, they are dangerous only in groups.

SoR is the only game where he could spawn and throw knives, grab the player from behind, use a 3-punch combo ending with a knockdown and able to wield a metal bat.

In SoR2, Galsia is the standard street punk with very little life and no special attacks. The knife-wielding version of them can be quite annoying, however, in this game, once the knife of knocked from his hands, he doesn’t attempt to pick it back up. This counterpart of Galsia has much less moves than he did in the first game, however, his limited moveset is compensated by one-frame jabs that, surrounded by several Galsias, can cause a lot of damage and pressure. In fact, some of the things Galsia did in the first game can be done by Jack or Storm in this game.

In SoR3, Garcia (Galsia in Bare Knuckle III) in the third installment is similar to his Street of Rage 2 counterpart, but with more moves (see move list below). He (as well as some other punks) might steal health items laying on the ground, will pick up knives on the floor and use them as weapons, and he can also be picked up by Bongo/Big Ben and be thrown at the targeted player. In certain stages, he will also try to jump off parts of the level background. He can no longer do 3 punch combo as this ability was given away to Slum and Vice.

in Street of Rage Remake, there's three different versions of him based on their official incarnations: SOR version of Galsia will pick up knives and baseball bats from the floor. Both versions, SOR and SOR III versions can pick up knives from the floor and will charge with the knife at the player. The SOR3 version, Garcia, retains all his moves from the original, including a new recovering low punch while standing if the player remains near him when knocked down. He can catch a knife if throw at him.

In SoR4 in addition to knives, he can use sais, broken bottles, tasers, and naginatas as well, the latter makes him extremely dangerous because he can use it for charging slash like he does with knives, but with much longer reach. He can now switch between his usual charging attack or normal weapon swinging like Donovan do though he cannot throw weapons or catch weapons in mid air unlike some Donovan variations. Unlike his SOR3 counterpart, he no longer utilize his jumping elbow drop. Galsia and all variants can only use cutting weapons (taser being an exception) and do not use blunt weapons. While he no longer has special attacks when unarmed, he can punch as fast as player characters and can often difficult to avoid when swarmed, and can land a punch in the pause in between player's combo.

During the boss fight with Nora, she can whip the spawning Galsia enemies in the room which turns their hair blonde (named now GALSIAAAAAA), this new variant of Galsia grants them perpetual super armor and becoming notoriously more aggressive, though they may still be grabbed.


  • Punches (3-punch combo in SoR1/Remake)
  • Holding and running with a knife
  • Jumping Elbow Drop (SoR3/BKIII)
  • Team Attack with Bongo (SoR3/BKIII)
  • Grab from behind (SoR1/Mobile/Remake)
  • Recovering low punch (SOR Remake)
  • Spawn and throw knives (SoR1/Remake)
  • Pipe/Baseball Bat Swing (SoR1/Bare Knucke Mobile/Remake)
  • Grab food laying on the ground (SoR3/BKIII/Remake)




  • Alongside Signal, Galsia is a character that appears in all SOR games starting from the first.
  • In SOR3, Slum replaces Galsia as a starter enemy after he was given an elbow drop move, in SOR4 however, he goes back to being a starter enemy.
  • Galsia is actually a misspelling of "Garcia" which started in SOR2. The US/EU SOR3 corrects this name but SOR4 goes back to Galsia as a form of nolstagia.
  • In SOR4 he, alongside Signal, is the only enemy without a special technique from their stronger variants. If a Galsia is whipped by Nora his hair will turn gold and be renamed Galsiaaaa. This could be a reference to the Sayians from Dragonball Z.
  • As seen above the SOR4 concept art his early design resembles his pre-SOR4 appearance before he was given an updated look.
  • He act as a training dummy in SOR4 Training Mode.