Floyd Iraia is a new playable character introduced in Streets of Rage 4.


Floyd originally worked on a construction, but an accident cost him both of his arms. The company he worked for didn't help him, however, prefering to spend their money on lawyers. The help came from Dr. Gilbert Zan, who built him a new set of robotic arms powered by Rakushin, after which Floyd became his assistant and apprentice. When Blaze Fielding contacted Dr. Zan for help to take on the new Syndicate, Floyd offered to go in his place.


Floyd plays as a mix of both Max Thunder and Dr. Zan, with slow movement and a moveset based on wrestling/grappling techniques, with the added benefit of the bionic arms which allows him to grab enemies from a distance, smash enemies against each other and use electrical discharges.



  • Floyd resembles Jax Briggs from the Mortal Kombat series, as they both wear bionic arms. Floyd even has Jax’s signature “Gotcha” catchphrase.
  • During development, Floyd's last name was Harper and was different in design, sporting a beard and a heart tattoo on his neck.
  • Floyd flaunts traditional Maori tattoos on his torso.
  • Certain Floyd's movements after an attack are inspired by Haka - anciety Maori war dance.
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