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Floyd Iraia is a new playable character introduced in Streets of Rage 4. He's an assistant of Dr. Gilbert Zan.



Floyd is a large, muscular Māori man with tattoos on his torso. He has a tanned complexion and fights bare-chested, wearing black trousers, a green belt and orange sneakers. He has a set of robotic arms which uses Rakushin as an energy source, as noted by the pinkish glow emitted by them.


Floyd originally worked in construction, but an accident cost him both of his arms. The company he worked for didn't help him, however, preferring to spend their money on lawyers. Then help came from Dr. Zan, who built him a new set of robotic arms powered by Rakushin, after which Floyd became his assistant and apprentice. When Blaze Fielding contacted Dr. Zan for help to take on the new Syndicate, Floyd offered to go in his place.


Floyd plays as a mix of both Max Thunder and Dr. Zan, with slow movement and a move set based on grappling techniques, with the added benefit of the bionic arms which allows him to grab enemies from a distance, smash enemies against each other and use electrical discharges.

He is potentially one of the strongest characters in the game, capable of performing infinite combos thanks to his default Offensive Special Attack, Magnetic Grab, which allows him to pull enemies towards him from longer distances; with that he can loop his combos infinitely. Once Floyd unlocks his alternate moves through the Survival Mode, he becomes even more of a powerhouse.

Floyd's main weakness is his very slow and limited mobility (though this can be somewhat remedied with certain Special Attacks). He has the lowest jumping height out of the entire cast.

Blitz Attacks[]

  • Thunder Twins: Floyd's default Blitz Attacks. He extends both arms forward, delivering a powerful impact that sends opponents flying. This attack has very high attack power and can perfectly connect from Floyd's full normal combo. It has a slight long recovery, however.
  • Gatling Punches: the alternate Blitz attack unlockable in the Survival Mode DLC. Floyd unleashes a flurry of punches forward, which can be extended by repeated button presses. While lacking the raw, burst damage of Thunder Twins, this move is great for juggling enemies, and can lead into infinite combos when combined with his Magnetic Grab.

Defensive Special Attacks[]

  • Thunder Sphere: Floyd's default Defensive Special Attack. hits his knuckles together, unleashing a shockwave around him that deals fire damage to enemies, launching them away. As typically with Defensive Specials, this is a great "get off me" attack, useful when surrounded by opponents. This attack also hits knocked down enemies, being somewhat useful to re-juggle opponents. This attack can hit off the ground.
  • Thunder Trap: the alternate Defensive Special Attack unlockable in the Survival Mode DLC. Floyd propels himself upwards with his arms, leaving an electric trap on the ground that persists for around 3 seconds, similarly to Anne's Shock Vials. Enemies caught by this trap are stunned by around 2.5 seconds; this move can hit knocked down enemies. This is one of the best Defensive Specials in the game, thanks to its crowd control potential and trapping capabilities, as it allows Floyd to preemptively use it to prevent enemies from acting upon getting up. This attack can hit off the ground.

Offensive Special Attacks[]

  • Magnetic Grab: Floyd's default Offensive Special Attack. He extends his arm further than its normal reach, and if it connects to an enemy, it'll pull them towards him. This works on almost every enemy (except Max as a boss, unless he has been knocked down with a Star Move), and can potentially be used to perform infinite combos by re-grabbing enemies in the air repeatedly.
  • Rakushin Cannon: the alternate Offensive Special Attack unlockable in the Survival Mode DLC. Floyd transforms one of his arms into a cannon and delivers a point-blank blast that knocks enemies very far. This move is very fast and has the highest knockback power of any move in the game.

Air Special Attacks[]

  • Thunder Pounce: Floyd's default Air Special Attack. He makes his arms magnetically disconnect from his shoulders to propel him upwards while punching the ground, creating a shockwave that knocks down enemies. This move can be used indefinitely (as long Floyd has enough health to use it) and is one of his best mobility tools thanks to its speed and invincibility frames. In addition, this move can be used in conjunction with Thunder Trap. Floyd can use normal aerial attacks after using Thunder Pounce. This attack can hit off the ground.
  • Power Slide: the alternate Air Special Attack unlockable in the Survival Mode DLC. Floyd uses his arms to propels himself forward with a kick, sliding through the ground and launching opponents directly up. This move has a significantly slow startup and ending lags, but covers a large range. This attack can hit off the ground.

Star Moves[]

  • Rakushin Beam: Floyd's default Star Move. He transforms one of his arms into a cannon and shoots a massive beam for a few seconds, dealing massive damage to all enemies in front of him. This attack has the highest range in the game.
  • Thunder Dome: the alternate Star Move unlockable in the Survival Mode DLC. Floyd hits his knuckles together, unleashing a shockwave around him that creates a massive shocking trap around him.

Notable Moves[]

  • Grappling: Floyd is unique as he can move while grappling opponents, and has some unique actions while doing so. He lacks the classic front and backwards throws, and also cannot vault over opponents. He can, however, throw enemies forward while holding them; hitting another enemy with the arm hitbox when throwing an opponent deals significant more damage than simply colliding an enemy with the other.
    • Strong Grip: Floyd's grip has the longest duration in the game, even allowing him to hold enemies such as Goro for various seconds before he breaks out.
    • Double Slam: if Floyd is holding an opponent and approaches another enemy, he'll grab the other one and slam both of them together, and damaging other nearby enemies near the impact; this effect can even knock down boss Max.
    • Jumping Ground Pound: Floyd can jump while holding an opponent (similarly to Max), and if hitting the attack button, he'll forcefully slam the enemy on the ground.
    • Shocking Grip: by pressing the Special button while holding an enemy, Floyd will electrocute them with a discharge from his arm.
  • Short Hop: unlike the other characters, Floyd has a very low jumping height. While this gives him limitations and disadvantages in movement as well juggling potential, he can use these short hops to move significantly faster, and also gives him a good option to attack when surrounded (although his aerial attacks are limited in range).

Fighting Style[]

Floyd's in-game bio shows his fighting style as "Rakushin Fist", which combines boxing and grappling moves fueled by the power of his robotic arms.



  • Floyd greatly resembles Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs from the Mortal Kombat game series, as both characters are massively muscular males with huge cybernetic arms. Floyd even has Jax’s signature “Gotcha” catchphrase.
  • During development, Floyd's last name was Harper and was different in design, appearing older, as well sporting a beard and a heart tattoo on his neck.
  • Floyd flaunts traditional Māori tattoos on his torso.
    • After certain attacks, Floyd performs movements inspired by the Haka - an ancient Māori war dance.