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Feroccio is an enemy introduced in Streets of Rage 4.


Feroccio is a police officer from the Wood Oak City Police Department, who fight both syndicate enemies and the vigilante heroes. The normal versions only attack with a single slug to the gut that stuns anyone for a few seconds if connected, the Dick variants has slightly more health and utilizes a charging grapple that if not broken free, will cause them to slam their opponents to the ground. Regardless if they connect or miss with their gut punch, Feroccio will almost always retreat in a quarter circle motion after performing one.

The most dangerous variants however are the Barneys. They have almost four times the heal of a standard Ferroccio always come equipped with tasers, and attack by grabbing the player and shocking him/her on the ground, and only they will pick it up if dropped. Their taser grab can only be broken by another player, a hazard (i.e exploding barrel, grenade, train gate etc) or by a syndicate member (Stage 7 only) They have the fastest grip in the game and to walk directly to them without any jumping attack or offensive special is a bad idea as their grip starts further than the punch reach of every hero. In addition to horizontally, Barney can grab and tase players vertically and diagonally as well Though they become less dangerous without it, they can perform 3 hit gut punch combo as opposed to just one.

If possible, the best strategy to deal with Barney is to knock him down with a jumping kick, grabbing the teaser, walk behind with teaser and drop it and then wait that Barney get closer to attack him again: until the teaser is present he will focus on grabbing it without attacking you directly.

Another good strategy is to attack them with a jumping forward kick, cornering, then use jump standing kick every time they stand up until defeated, even if it might take quite a while because of their big health.


Ferrocio’s variants are Dick, Barney and Lou. Dick and Barney usually appear alongside Ferrocio and the other police officers, while Lou only appears in the Art Gallery working for the Syndicate.

Dick dons a chartreuse uniform and boasts more health than Ferrocio. In addition to the gut punch attack, Dick also has a charged grab attack that can be escaped if the player mashes buttons on their controller.

Barney is the strongest of the Ferrocio variants. He wears a dark uniform. Having more health than Dick and Lou, he always comes with a taser and has a lunge-grab attack that is quite quick and shocks the one hit by it. If he drops his taser, he will try to pick it up again but also has a triple-gut-punch attack similar to that of Ferrocio and Dick. The Barney in stage 11 does not attack Syndicate members.

Lou wears a red uniform and appears in the Art Gallery only. He has similar heath to Dick. He lacks the gut punch attack, only having a grab attack that lunges like Barney’s, but can be escaped like Dick’s.



  • This enemy is named after Frank Feroccio, a character from the Streets of Rage comic.
  • Stage 8 introduces an orange palette swap called Lou, Police Officers on the Y Syndicate's payroll hence will fight alongside them. They have the same behavior as Dick (except they will lunge to grapple their opponents instead of charging towards them).
  • In Stage 11, the Barneys will no longer target Syndicate members for the reasons stated above.
  • Despite having the same build and height as Goro, he is not a heavyweight (shown where player character can throw/slam them without difficulty).