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Electra (エレクトラ, Erekutora) is an enemy from Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3. She serves as a replacement and counterpart for Nora, from the original Streets of Rage.


In Streets of Rage 2, Electra is a blonde woman clad in a leotard, pantyhose and over knee boots. Her design is notable as she wears an electric whip attached to a prosthetic arm. In her first appearance, in Stage 1, Electra can be first found singing at Barbon's bar, serving as a mini boss before facing him.

In Bare Knuckle III, her costume is similar to her Streets of Rage 2 counterpart, but with an added garter belt. However, in the north American release of Streets of Rage 3, her outfit was changed due to censorship, with the leotard being changed to a miniskirt, and a red leather jacket now covering her torso.

Streets of Rage 2[]

When the player approaches her at Barbon's bar, she throws off her shawl, exposing her whip and fighting outfit. Electra also discards her fake hand, fitting her electric whip instead. Her move set is widely expanding from her counterpart, Nora, even adding a flying kick with her high heels.

On higher difficult settings, her longer range attack is an electric whip which will electrocute players who fall victim. She appears many times at random throughout the game, often accompanied with other ladies, Jack, or Mifune and his variations.

Of the variants, Dallala is the head of the stage 7-1 plant and has the highest rank among Syndicate members except Stage Boss.

Streets of Rage 3[]

A different Electra reappears in Streets of Rage 3, lacking a prosthetic arm. Her primary means to attack is a 2-hit whip attack; on higher difficulty levels she can use electricity on her whip. She can perform a high jump, but does not possess the flying kick from Streets of Rage 2. She also can do a shift evade jump backwards.

In Streets of Rage 2, only 12 people appeared, but here, it becomes a mass production type and dozens of people appear. In the second half, it appears with Garnet.

The electra in sor3 is noticeably larger than the 171cm tall Garnet. Therefore, it is much larger than 173cm in sor2.

In the last part of stage 4-1, it comes out with Garnet, and this section only features women. And in the last section of the elevator right in front of the boss of stage 5, only women appear as enemies.

Stage 7 depends on whether you succeed or fail to rescue Ivan Petrov.

  • If Ivan Petrov is successful in rescuing him, he will head to Mr. X's factory in Stage 7, but Elektra will no longer appear in Root.

Much like Nora, she may lie on the floor after a knockdown, unable to be harmed until the player moves away. Additionally, should the player grab her from the front for too long, she will break free with a whip attack.


  • Whip Attack
  • Flying Jumping kick (Streets of Rage 2)
  • Electricity whip shocking
  • High Jump (Streets of Rage 3)
  • Swift Backwards Jump (Streets of Rage 3)
  • Playing dead (Streets of Rage 3)
  • Uncatch when caught (Streets of Rage 3)




  • One of Electra's variations is named Caska, as a reference to the character Casca from the Berserk manga.
  • The game's design docs reveal that Caska, one of the versions of Electra (known as "Elle" in the Japanese version early on), was intended to be Mr. X's lover and bodyguard.
  • In Streets of Rage Remake, there is an Electra in the form of a playable character named Elle. Naturally, users can choose to use it as the main character.
  • Early concept arts of Streets of Rage 2 depicted Electra wearing a cap, much like Nora.
  • Electra was supposed to return in Streets of Rage 4, as shown by concept art, but she was ultimately scrapped in favor of Nora.
    • Belle, one of Nora's variations in Streets of Rage 4, fights similarly to Electra due to her electric whip. Internally she is referred to as Electra.