Electra is an enemy from Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3.

Background Edit

She is a scantily clad woman who uses an electric whip. She is first seen at Barbon's bar at which she is very regular and sings there every day. If you go near to her she will disrobe exposing her whip and fighting outfit and attack to you. Watch for the electrical attacks as they have the same power as her jumping kicks. Electra reappeared in Streets Of Rage 3. Like Nora (from Streets Of Rage) before you defeat Shiva, she can lie on the floor after a knockdown, unable to be harmed until you move away.

First appearance: Streets of rage 2 Special move: Electricity whip shocking

Streets of Rage 2 Edit

In her first appearance, in Stage 1 of Streets of Rage 2, Electra can be found singing in Barbon's bar.

When the heroes approach her, she throws off her shawl, exposing her whip and fighting outfit. Electra also discards her fake hand, fitting her electric whip instead. Her moveset is widely expanding from her female counterpart, Nora, from the original Streets of Rage, even adding a flying kick with her high heels. On more difficult settings, her longer range attack is an electric whip which will electrocute players who fall victim.

She appears many times at random throughout the game. She will appear with other ladies, with Jack, or with the ninja fighters.

costume Edit

Turtleneck Leotard, Fishnet Pantyhose, Tan Pantyhose, Overknee Boot, Long Glove(Left Hand)

Streets of Rage 3 Edit

Electra reappeared in Streets of Rage 3.

Like Nora (from Streets of Rage), she can lie on the floor after a knockdown, unable to be harmed until you move away. She can perform a high jump, however, she does not posses a flying kick as she did in SOR2. She also can do a shift evade jump backwards. She performs two whips attacks together. The heroes should not grapple her from the front to long as she can break free with a single whip to the body. She also on higher difficulty levels can use electricity on her whip.



  • Whip Attack
  • Flying Jumping kick (SOR2)
  • Electricity whip shocking
  • High Jump
  • Swift Backwards Jump
  • Playing dead (3-4 seconds)


  • Japan Version - leotard, stocking
  • Europe Version - jacket, skirt, pantyhose


  • In BKIII she is wearing the SOR2 costume. But in SOR3, she wears new clothes.
  • She is a playable character in Streets of Rage Remake. Her name is Elle.


Electra is a prostitute that sings every day in Barbon's bar.If you go near to her she will attack to you.Watch about a electrical attack that has the same power as her jumping kick.She appears also in Streets of Rage 3 before you defeat Shiva.