Dylan is an enemy introduced in Streets of Rage 4.


Dylan is a shirtless punk wearing a bandanna. He keeps his hands on his pockets all the time, and accordingly he fights using a straight kick (that pushes anyone back), and a headbutt.

Francis, Dylan's second form, possesses a yellow color scheme and will do a quick series of three kicks across almost the entire with of the screen. If you see him squat, move above or below him quickly to avoid his kicks. Lastly, he will attack with a headbutt if you get too close and don't stun him in time.

Dylan, along with Francis has two other variants named Kevin and Brandon. Brandon only appears in Stage 11 in the lift section.


Trivia Edit

  • His bandanna evokes the Vice/Zack enemies from the third game.
  • His look, and stance where he puts his hands inside his pockets bears a resemblance to Professional Wrestler and current AEW employee Orange Cassidy.
  • Originally he is supposed to be a Japanese delinquent sporting a pompadour (likely as an exclusive enemy in Stage 6), even sporting a similar idle pose, however he is redesigned to his current look due to the game's setting.
    • This explains his rather youthful appearance compared most other enemies (shared with Victoria)
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