Streets Of Rage Wiki

"Start your search where knife-wielding punks rule the streets. Trail them into a seedy downtown dive, and clean house! In a back alley behind the bar, you'll meet Barbon, a bartender who lifts barbells more than bottles - and who isn't happy about your trashing his clientele!"

Downtown is the first stage from Streets of Rage 2.


The game begins as the heroes go through the busy streets. The most common enemy types (Galsia, Signal and Donovan) get introduced here, with no big surprises. Halfway through the screen scrolls down, as the heroes reach the suburb area where Jack is fought. once he is defeated the heroes enter a bar/restaurant with more goons to pummel and tables/chairs to break, with Electra waiting at the end. Once she is defeated the heroes leave the bar into the back alleyway, where the stage boss Barbon is fought.

Duel Mode[]

The battle takes place in the back alley where Barbon is fought. A pipe and a knife are available to use as weapons.