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Donovan is a common enemy who debuted in Streets of Rage 2.


Donovan is a common thug with tanned skin who wears sunglasses and is proficient with blunt weapons.

In Streets of Rage 2, he has a combo consisting of two jabs followed by an uppercut. He can be found all throughout the game. At times, he will carry a pipe and will attempt to hit the heroes with it. Beware of jump attacks, because he is an expert at catching players with his mighty uppercut.

He appears again in Streets of Rage 3, where he is slightly stronger. He has a slightly lean in with his uppercut now, making its range longer. Unlike in SOR2, he can pick up the pipe and use it again; he swings it remarkably faster than before, making them quite a threat with it. He can also steal health items.

Donovan returns in Streets of Rage 4, this time wearing loose pants with a large belt, exposing part of his underwear. Donovan can only use blunt weapons. Altet and Gudden can use cutting weapons like Swords and Cleavers in addition to blunt weapons with the latter being able to now catch weapons. Z can catch and throw all cutting and blunt weapons. Gudden and Z are similar, however Z is often considered among the most troublesome and dangerous enemies in the game especially in group because he has more health and he is more aggressive, and like Gudden can use and throw weapons at you and counter any weapon launched. When he is knocked down he becomes temporarily invincible and will stands up with an uppercut, thus he virtually has no weak spots.


  • Punches (can be 3 punch combo with bash or Uppercut)
  • Bash
  • Uppercut (in SOR3, it can be a combo finisher or used alone as anti-air attack)
  • Weapon swing
  • Weapon throw (SOR4)
  • Weapon catch (SOR4)