The Commissioner is a boss character introduced in Streets of Rage 4. He is the commissioner of the Wood Oak City Police Department, and the boss of Stage 2 who uses devastating dash punches, and grab attacks, and is later encountered in Stage 7 as a mini-boss, fighting alongside Estel Aguirre.


According to Blaze's bio in Streets of Rage 4, due to an ethical disagreement between her and the Commissioner, she ended up punching him in the face, and was dishonorably discharged when she refused to take anger management classes.


Trivia Edit

  • The Commissioner is considered a heavyweight opponent, since any character that isn't Cherry or Floyd will have a slower throw/slam animation compared to the other enemies (this trait is shared with Big Ben, Goro, and Assassin Agents),
  • The Commissioner apperance is likely based on Gordon from the Batman franchise.
  • His wall slam attack is reminiscent of Rugal Bernstein's Gigantic Pressure move.
  • Despite being one character, Estel will call in two Commissioners on Mania difficulty.
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