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Cherry Hunter is a playable character first introduced in Streets of Rage 4.


Cherry is Adam Hunter's daughter. While she inherited her father's fighting skills, she didn't desire to become a police officer like him and thus decided to pursue a musical career. She became a guitarist and plays at the city's night clubs. When Blaze Fielding calls upon Adam to help taking on the new Y Syndicate, Cherry goes in her father's stead, as he was busy with another assignment.



Cherry is a slightly muscular Black-American girl with red hair. She wears ripped jeans, a yellow shirt, sports bra and wraps down her arm. Whilst fighting, she keeps her guitar on her back so that it’s ready to use during combat.


She’s a youthful, energetic, and fiercely independent young woman. She loves her father and displays her affection openly.


Cherry fills the role of the nimble character archetype, being a spiritual successor to her uncle "Skate", who had a similar gameplay style in the previous two games in the series. She has the best mobility, being the only character of the main cast able to run, while her moveset is based around long and quick combos, although her individual strikes deal less damage and have less range compared to the other characters. Cherry's utilizes her guitar in most of her Special Attacks. She can cancel her Back Attack into Air Specials.

Blitz Attacks[]

  • Flying Knee: Cherry's default Blitz Attack. She propels herself forward with her knee, dealing up to six hits. This attack can be chained with many of her other attacks, most notable after the final hit of her normal combo and/or charge attack. She can cancel this move into an Air Special Attack.
  • Sliding Knee: the alternate Blitz attack unlockable in the Survival Mode DLC. Cherry does a short hop in the air and then powerslides along the ground, launching opponents upwards. Very fast and covers the highest distance of any Blitz Attack in the game, at the expense of having a slow recovery, meaning Cherry will be left vulnerable until the attack ends (although the endlag can be cancelled with Special Attacks). The initial short hop can be cancelled into an Air Special Attack. This attack can hit off the ground.

Defensive Special Attacks[]

  • Sound Check: Cherry's default Defensive Special Attack. Cherry pulls her pick and plays her guitar, sending a soundwave around her, knocking enemies away. This attack has a lingering hitbox that can hit enemies late, as well being able to hit off the ground.
  • Somersault Kick: the alternate Defensive Special Attack unlockable in the Survival Mode DLC. Cherry performs two quick fast somersaults in succession, knocking enemies high in the air. Can combo with itself near walls, and is great for juggling or breaking off enemy attacks.

Offensive Special Attacks[]

  • Townshend Smash: Cherry's default Offensive Special Attack. Cherry pulls her guitar and slams it on the ground, knocking enemies away. It deals two hits at very close range, and can hit off the ground.
  • Neck Break: the alternate Offensive Special Attack unlockable in the Survival Mode DLC. Cherry pulls her guitar and thrusts forward, knocking enemies away.

Air Special Attacks[]

  • Air Townshend Smash: Cherry's default Air Special Attack. An aerial version of her Townshend Smash, but only hits once. This attack can hit off the ground.
  • Special Stage Effects: the alternate Air Special Attack unlockable in the Survival Mode DLC. Cherry performs a quick divekick, with her foot enveloped in flames. This attack can hit off the ground.

Star Moves[]

  • Stage Entrance: Cherry's default Star Move. She performs a powerslide, dealing up to five hits per enemy and launching them high in the air.
  • Triple Townshend: the alternate Star Move unlockable in the Survival Mode DLC. Cherry performs her Townshend Smash three times in succession, with the final hit creating a large blast. It's somewhat reminiscent of Terry Bogard's Power Geyser from the Fatal Fury / The King of Fighters series.

Notable Moves[]

  • Running: out of the main Streets of Rage 4 cast, Cherry is the only character capable of running. Although Adam can perform quick hops and Shiva can slide, Cherry can run indefinitely and strafe up and down while doing so, granting her flexible mobility.
  • Somersault: her neutral air attack, her somersault, has different properties depending on which hitbox hits the enemy. If the front hitbox connects, enemies are launched far away. If the back hitbox connects, enemies ground bounce vertically behind Cherry (and can be used for a semi-infinite loop near walls).
  • Hopping Attack: unlike other characters, Cherry lacks a back grab, and pressing the jump button will instead cause her to hop on top of the enemy head, which can lead to the following actions depending on button presses:
    • Pummel: if the attack button is pressed, she'll pummel the enemy, and after five consecutive hits, she'll hold the opponent's head with her legs and slam them on the ground behind her.
    • Head Bounce: if the jump button is pressed, Cherry will bounce off the enemy's head, jumping high in the air. The player can either hop on the opponent's head again, or perform another action, such as:
      • Dive Punch: if the attack button is pressed, she'll perform descend with a punch (similar to the final hit of her normal combo and charge attack).
      • Pogo Attack: if the attack button is pressed while holding down, will perform a downward thrust with both legs, which, when hitting an enemy, causes her to bounce off again. This attack can also be used normally.