Cherry Hunter is a new playable character introduced in Streets of Rage 4.


Cherry is Adam Hunter's daughter. While she inherited her father's fighting skills, she didn't desire to become a police officer like him and thus decided to pursue a musical career, becoming a guitarist and playing at the city's night clubs. When Blaze Fielding call upon Adam to help taking on the new Syndicate, Cherry goes on her father's stead, since he was busy in another assignment.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Cherry wears ripped jeans, yellow shirt, sports bra and bandages whilst fighting, she also keeps her guitar on her back so that it’s ready to use during combat.

Personality Edit

A big daddy’s girl, she’s youthful and energetic and fiercely independent.


Cherry fills the role of the fast-but-weak character in the game, which was originally filled by her uncle, "Skate". She has the best mobility, being the only character able to run, while her moveset is based around quick strikes and special moves in which she utilizes her guitar.


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