Round Select, Extra Lives & New Difficulty Settings

Highlight Options on the menu screen. Hold A+B on Controller 2 and press Start on Controller 1. The Options screen now includes round select, the ability to start with up to 9 lives, and access to the secret Very Easy and Mania difficulty settings. Very Easy is pointless, as you will walk through the game in 5 minutes. Mania however, is great. The number of enemies jumps up, and they are now very intelligent and strong. It is almost impossible to complete the game from the start on this setting but it is very fun for anyone who finds the game too easy.

Note: This cheat is displayed during the ending when you beat the game on Hardest.

Play As Same Character

On the title screen hold Right+B on Controller 1 and Left+A on Controller 2. Press C on Controller 2 and hold until the menu appears. You will now be able to choose the same character in 2 Player mode.

Display Number of KOs

Small tip - on the high score screen press A to reveal how many punks you took out. In Bare Knuckle II you can view your number of KOs at any time by pausing the game and pressing A. Cheers to Turbokiller for this.

10,000 Point Bonus Punks

Killing certain punks within the game gives you a 10,000 points bonus. Up until now it was unknown exactly which punks gave these bonuses. I've discovered which punks do by looking in the ROM. Here's how it works: if you look at the punk names in the ROM, you will notice that all the punk clones are placed together eg. all the Galsias' names are found next to each other. Certain punks are listed at the end of the names away from their clones; these are the bonus punks. Below is a list of where to find the punks in question, compiled by Anton Berglin:

Mc.K - Donovan, jumps out of first manhole in Round 1.

Altet - Donovan, jumps out of second manhole in Round 1.

Blade - Green biker, two appearances. First he jumps into the screen on a green bike at the beginning of Round 2 (On higher skill levels you won't ever kill him because he jumps over the whole screen). Second time he's seen wielding a pipe just before the van on Round 2.

Axi - G.Signal, first punk playing a game in the arcade on Round 3.

Mavin - Y.Signal, third punk playing a game in the arcade on Round 3.

U-3 - Donovan, third thug sleeping on a bench in the beginning of Round 4.

Metal.M - Electra, found halfway through the baseball field on Round 4.

Wanter - Purple biker, the first one on a bike in the military base on Round 6.

Talk - Galsia who appears when you face Mr.X in Round 8. Thanks to Karl Blow for this one.

Anry - Big Ben-type punk, found in the fifth set of enemies on the elevator in Stage 7 (with Soya and before the bots). Thanks to JoyGun Josh, Turbokiller & Anton Berglin for all pointing this out. Miscellaneous Tips

Unstoppable Combo

Punch once at a punk, wait a second, punch again and repeat, making sure not to punch fast enough to start a flurry attack. Most enemies are unable to break free, allowing you to take them out without a hit (providing of course that they are alone).

Hidden Items

Round 1 Extra Life

At the very start of Round 1 there is an extra life hidden behind the scenery at the bottom left of the screen.

Round 2 Extra Life

After you exit the moving truck in Round 2 walk back behind it to find another hidden extra life.

Round 3 Extra Life

There is an extra life hidden in the mist directly below Vehelits in the Alien House.