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Break (or just Axel) is the third boss from Streets of Rage 3, as well as a boss in the survival mode of Streets of Rage 4.


Break is an evil robotic duplicate of Axel Stone, used to frame the former cop for the kidnapping of Ivan Petrov. Appearance-wise, he's an exact duplicate of Axel, save for the fact that he wears purple (blue in the Japanese version) headband and gloves, whereas the ones worn by the real Axel are red. As his health decreases due to being attacked, his skin gains a progressively orange/red tone (which signals overheating) and he becomes far more aggressive and dangerous in his attack patterns. When he gets defeated, he explodes, his clothes burn up and disintegrate, revealing him to be a robot.

He possesses many of Axel's attacks. He can do a somersault attack unlike the real Axel, who has to do it as a team attack. His attacks are more in form of a dash or shortened from Axel's movelist. Axel's pick up slam is replaced with the clone's German Suplex, which the real Axel has not possessed since the original Streets of Rage.

Break also appears as a solo enemy for Axel in Project X Zone 2, being brainwashed by M. Bison's Psycho Power until Chapter 40: Iron Fists of Fury, where due to Bison's death 2 chapters ago, he is free and has Mr. X's soul inside him, desiring to revive the Syndicate, but is stopped by Axel and the Shinra team.

He returns in Streets of Rage 4's Mr. X Nightmare DLC, as a holographic clone of Axel, fought as a boss in Survival Mode.