Bongo, also known as Big Ben, is a recurring enemy in the Streets of Rage series, appearing in all games.


Bongo appears as a large, bald and obese man of oriental descent wearing suspenders. From the second game onwards he also wears a baseball cap.

In the original Streets of Rage, he is the Stage 4 boss. His moveset entails only running diagonally across the screen breathing fire. A player must beware grappling Bongo from the front, since he is heavy enough to counter most throws by simply landing on the player, causing massive damage.

In Streets of Rage 2, his arsenal of moves gets larger even adding a menacing laugh. He makes another appearance in the game on stage 4 (The baseball) stadium. He will also appear to assist the main boss in Stage 5 (The Ship).

In Streets of Rage 3, he appears again on the second part of the first stage and throughout the game. Seems he has added a sort of "circus roll" attack to his arsenal in this game. He will get up dizzy and take a moments time to recover. Just like the first game, this version cannot be thrown, as he's again able to squash the player under his weight.




  • Bongo's variation names are all related to his girth (Big Ben, Buffet, Gourmand). One of those is named Heart, after the villain Mr. Heart from the Hokuto no Ken manga.
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