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Sorsegafan Sorsegafan 1 February 2021

Streets of Rage movie - my visionary film adaptation

Note: I'm not a filmmaker. I've always envisioned the adaptation to be something like this. A dark serious Hollywood film. Not a campy, cheesy B movie video game adaptation like most video game movies are.

An R-rated dark crime thriller showing lots of blood throughout the film

Opening Sequence/Credits:

After the studio logo and film production logos are shown, the opening video game text is shown on screen for about 10 to 20 seconds as long as people can read the text. Then it darkens and fades into a panorama of a skyline at night filled with skyscrapers. (Perhaps, NYC or a similar city maybe Hong Kong). Then there's a slightly zoomed in crane shot moving over the hundreds of skyscrapers below looking straight down and also at an angle gett…

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Razor Boyz Razor Boyz 10 May 2020

Character Ages

Giving the fact that the first Streets of Rage game only showed the ages of Adam, Axel, and Blaze, I figure I do some calculations on what they're ages are throughout the games.

  • 1 SOR Ages
  • 2 SOR2 Ages (One year after SOR).
  • 3 SOR3 Ages (Presumably a few years or not long after SOR2).
  • 4 SOR4 Ages (Ten years after SOR3).

  • Adam: 23
  • Axel: 22
  • Blaze: 21

  • Adam: 24
  • Axel: 23
  • Blaze: 22

  • Adam: Mid 20s
  • Axel: Early-Mid 20s
  • Blaze: Early 20s

  • Adam: Mid-30s
  • Axel: Early-Mid 30s
  • Blaze: Early 30s
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Pcj Pcj 17 April 2020

Wiki manager

Hello, I am the new wiki manager for this wiki. Please let me know if you need anything. --Pcj (talk) 19:05, April 17, 2020 (UTC)

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PinkSquid5 PinkSquid5 7 November 2019


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Magma MK-II Magma MK-II 23 August 2019


Hello peoples. It's about time this wiki got back on its feet and received the attention it deserves, what with the new game coming out soon, so I'm planning on adopting it. Let me know your opinions about it.

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Ed4004000 Ed4004000 15 August 2016

nice wiki

thsi wiki need more edition but is nice wiki i have more edits in this wiki .  

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Popsicle P.I. Popsicle P.I. 14 August 2016


This wiki needs a lot of work!

Images will be added and more information will be put in this Wikia. Some information will come from the sister wikia, Bare Knuckle wikia.

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