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Big Ben, also known as Bongo, is a recurring enemy in the Streets of Rage series, who debut in Streets of Rage 2.


Big Ben appears as a large, bald and obese man of Asian descent wearing suspenders and a baseball cap. He is notorious for his signature laugh, often used as a taunt after hitting the player.

Streets of Rage 2[]

In Streets of Rage 2, his arsenal of moves include slapping the player, a jumping belly attack and occasionally breathing fire. He makes another appearance on Stage 4, at the baseball stadium. He will also appear to assist the main boss in Stage 5 (The Ship).

Streets of Rage 3[]

In Streets of Rage 3, he appears again on the second part of the first stage and throughout the game. Seems he has added a sort of "circus roll" attack to his arsenal in this game. He will get up dizzy and take a moments time to recover and is able to perform a tag team with Galsia by throwing him towards his enemies while the latter performs his elbow drop. Just like the first game, where heavy enemies cannot be thrown, he'll squash the player under his weight; Shiva is the only playable character able to counter this.

Streets of Rage 4[]

Big Ben returns in Streets of Rage 4, showing up more often than previous games. Like in Streets of Rage 2, Big Ben can be thrown by any character, although all characters, except for Floyd and Max, will require effort to lift their sizable girth to throw or slam them. Unlike in Streets of Rage 3, he can no longer pick up and throw Galsia; however Anry/Heart's rolling attack can hit other enemies other than the player.

There are four variants, and appear in general order of danger. Big Ben will attack by breathing fire and charging. Gourmand will attack with a jumping splash from long distance. Anry will primarily use rolling attack which has super armor during its entire duration. Heart has the highest health of all variants and will roll like Anry, but will ricochet more. All variants can also perform a slap attack at close range.

What makes Big Ben and all his variants notorious in this game is that they'll always get up with a temporary super armor if knocked down, allowing them to perform their signature attacks. This is particularly dangerous against Gourmand and Anry/Heart, as their attacks cannot be intercepted directly, except by using Star Moves.




  • Big Ben's variation names are related to his girth (Big Ben, Buffet, Gourmand). One of those is named Heart, after the villain Mr. Heart from the Hokuto no Ken series.
  • In Streets of Rage 4, Big Ben's clothes can be seen hanging on a rooftop during Stage 10.