Boss Type

Barmen,Businessman,The Master of Martial Arts

Fighting Style



Barbon (Wayne or Vulture) is one of the main bosses in Streets of Rage 2.

He is well in shape and has a well developed fighting arsenal. He has no long range moves, but he is a mid range type of opponent. His basics include punches, spin kick, and a quick snap kick. He has the ability to lift and throw players across the screen, more common in harder difficulties. He will often block when players fight too aggressively. In Stage 1 he is seen ripping his shirt off and says "Come on!"

He appears in:

  • Level 1 (Barbon) - Main Boss. He first appears in the 2nd part as a non-enemy, where he will walk in the back alley (3rd part) while fighting Electra. After defeating Electra, you walk in the back alley with thugs and
  • Level 5 (Wayne) - Sub-Boss. Appears at the end of the the 2nd part with various thugs.
  • Level 8 (Vulture). He is part of the Boss Gauntlet Part 2 as the 1st set. Unlike the previous encounters, after you beat the first batch of enemies, he jumps in the elevator alone, making this fight much easier to handle, despite cramped space.