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  • Streets of Rage
  • Streets of Rage 2
  • Streets of Rage 3
  • Streets of Rage 4

Axel Stone is the deuteragonist from the Streets Of Rage Games whom loves video games. He is best friends with Adam Hunter, Blaze Fielding and Max "Thunder" Hatchett and gets along well with Eddie "Skate" Hunter. It is unknown when, but as a strong in training martial artist, he comes to know Shiva is his rival with evil intentions.

A former police detective in the first game, he later opened his own karate dojo in the outskirts of the city (although in the Japanese Bare Knuckle 3 storyline, he is actually transferred to the Special Investigation department). He slowly turns from an all-rounder to a bruiser in the end of the series. In the later games, his special attacks are a 360 degree flaming punch (Dragon Wing) and a punch/uppercut combo (Dragon Smash).


Streets of RageEdit

Power: A
Jumping: B
Speed: A

Streets of Rage 2Edit


Streets of Rage 3Edit

Power: 6/6
Technique: 5/6
Speed: 2/6
Jump: 2/6
Reach: 5/6

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Axel is skilled with any long-tipped weapons; pipes, sticks, bats, swords etc... he is below average with shorter weapons such as a knife. For those shorter tip weapons in SOR3, he is more likely to simply throw them at his opponent.

  • Pipe
  • Sword
  • Bat
  • Stick


  • In the original SOR, he is aged 22. In the sequal, he is 23 years old.
  • Axel has a secret power if in the beginning of the game player repeatly tap the A and directions he will gain a special ability.
  • Wielding the chi of lightning his blitz attack is an electric uppercut named Grand Upper (which was renamed to Bare Knuckle for SoR3, maybe as an in-joke).
  • He is shown arm in arm with Blaze during the ending of SOR3/BKIII which lead to think that there's a romantic relationship between them.
  • According the the profile given in the first game, Axel enjoys playing video games.
  • He is rivals with Shiva.
  • His clothes show fondness of the color blue.
  • Axel Stone appears in Project X Zone 2, and his voice actor is Tomokazu Sugita.