Assassin Agent is an enemy from Streets of Rage 3 and Streets of Rage 4.


These enemies appear as agents/mafia/hitmen in two piece suits. They carry guns to shoot the player from a distance, and punch players when they get close. They are also able to quickly escape grapples and proceed to throw them (they will also do this if they perform a crouching punch as a finisher)

In Streets of Rage 4, they now only fire with their guns and have no melee attacks, are always bald, has a much burlier appearance compared to their leaner counterparts, and come in navy blue, gray, or white suits (resembling mafia members more than agents or hitmen).

In Stage 12, Bronze (a gold palette swap) will fire their guns in a 3-round succession and cannot be flinched while firing.




  • The Assassin Agents are named after precious metals (Gold, Silver, Bronz) in the original version of the game.
  • The Agents in SOR4 are considered heavyweights (shared with Big Ben, Goro, and Commissioner)
    • From the same game they seem to lost their CQC capabilities, rendering them less dangerous in close combat
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