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Ash is a mini boss of the first stage in the Japanese version of Streets of Rage 3. He was taken out of the American version, as he was deemed to be offensive. He comes across as a stereotypically flamboyantly gay man in derriere-bearing chaps who prances around the screen, giggles, and cries when he's defeated.

He is a very quick and powerful opponent who can slam the player to the ground or smack them hard, taking a lot of their health. He was planned to be a playable character after being defeated, but removed again, for the same reason. He can be played with cheat codes, however.



  • In Streets of Rage 4, a poster of Ash can be found inside the Cargo Ship's bridge (Nora's quarters).
  • Due to being an enemy and not a canon protagonist, his move set as a playable character is the most incomplete and unrefined of all the unlockable characters. Some inputs cause him to merely laugh, he has no jump kick, and his Final Crash consists of the same slaps as his regular attack (though twice as powerful).