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Abadede is a recurring boss character in the Streets of Rage series.

Streets of Rage[]

Abadede first appears as the final opponent on the beach portion of Level 3. Later, he is a sub-boss in levels 5 and 8. In each of these cases, two will appear in a multiplayer game.

Abadede's primary method of attack is a clothesline at the end of a rushing charge. He will repeat this pattern. Occasionally, provoking him will make him pick you up, hold you in the air in a standoffish position, and toss you away.

Streets of Rage 2[]

Abadede returns as the boss of level 4 in Streets of Rage 2, in an underground fighting arena beneath a baseball stadium. He is immensely powerful, and his attack repertoire has been greatly expanded, augmenting his rushing clothesline with an odd uppercut, an enraged muscle flex to counter holds and long chain combos, a body splash that stuns, a clinch where he strikes the hapless player with a hidden wrench, and a back suplex that cannot be countered.

His palette swap Z Kusano / Barbarian / El Gigante appears in the elevator portion of level 8.

Streets of Rage 4[]

His boss fight from Streets of Rage 2 appears in a hidden level. In the Mr. X Nightmare DLC, both his SOR and SOR2 forums appear as bosses in Survival Mode.


Abadede has a long mullet and sports face paint, and is dressed in red spandex wrestling briefs, wrist bands, and knee-high boots. In Streets of Rage, these boots were mostly red, but in the sequel, they are only highlighted with red and are mostly gray. His wrist bands in Streets of Rage 2 are also much larger, covering more of his forearms and sporting studs.

Abadede's unnamed palette swaps in the first Streets of Rage swap out his red for green or blue.

His hair and makeup combination call to mind late WWF professional wrestler James "Ultimate Warrior" Hellwig. His use of two of Warrior's signature moves (the running clothesline and body splash) seem to further cement that this is very likely an intentional tribute.